Women 2.0: What Can We Learn About Good Recruiting from Healthcare?

A new article by Cielo Healthcare President Jill Schwieters offers intelligent, practical advice for organizations facing recruitment challenges. Appearing in Women 2.0, “What Can We Learn About Good Recruiting from Healthcare?” uses knowledge and insight that Schwieters has gained working in the healthcare field, where a nationwide nursing shortage has prompted organizations to embrace technologies aimed at improving candidate experience. She shares six steps that not only work for healthcare organizations, but can be applied to any business.

Excerpt from the article:

In today’s fast-paced world, the experience for candidates during the recruitment process must be lean and clean.

Tailor message for coders, designers, Millennials, Southerners, etc.

When recruiting candidates, the process should be customized specifically based on demographics. This might mean customization for the role they would play or customization for their particular generation. If the recruitment message is not tailored specifically for the individual, it’s more likely to fall on deaf ears.

As we developed our process, we knew IT staffers, RN’s and doctors all communicated using their own unique language and approach. In the Age of Twitter, recruitment messaging must be quick and to the point. Word economy is king.

Come on in!

And when asking for information from the potential applicant, I recommend never asking for more than necessary: name, email are the best way to interact, so make it a low hurdle for the individual to step over as they inquire about the position. This means being candidate-centric, rather than employer-centric.

You can read the full article, “What Can We Learn About Good Recruiting from Healthcare?” here. Download to share a PDF version here