TotalPicture Radio: The Cielo Talent Activation Index

Angela Hills, Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director for North America, was featured recently on TotalPicture Radio’s Leadership Channel Podcast with Peter Clayton. TotalPicture Radio’s interviews are conducted to give a “total picture” of emerging trends by featuring in-depth conversations with industry experts and thought leaders.

As this episode’s recap explains, Angela joined the podcast to discuss the Cielo Talent Activation Index, Cielo’s inaugural research study on the importance of acquiring and activating talent, as well as “[to provide] insight regarding talent acquisition and retention best practices.”

Questions asked during the podcast interview:

The Cielo Talent Activation Index (TAI) is very interesting—and, to me at least, surprising. Give us some background regarding this study.

The TAI study identifies eight talent strategies where the difference in approaches between the highest-performing organizations, the "Leaders," and the poorest-performing organizations, the "Laggards," are most extreme—and I'd like to discuss some of these with you, starting with No. 1—Embracing Work Life Balance.

61% of the “Leaders” rate their organizations' ability to empower workers of diverse generations as very effective—compared to only 6% of the “Laggards.” That's a huge gap. Can you give us some context?

A theme I'm picking up here: “Leader” organizations 1) have strong, well-defined cultures and 2) are transparent and very good at communicating with their employees. Would that be a correct assessment?

What are [“Leaders”] doing that makes them so effective at attracting top talent?

Another insight I'd like you to discuss: 69% of “Leaders” report being very prepared for the changing workforce demands that will emerge by 2020 compared with only 19% of “Mainstreamers” and 7% of “Laggards.” Can you identify what some of these “demands” are?

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