The Times: Defining Quality of Hire Transforms Effectiveness

Cielo is excited to be part of the Talent Management Report in today's Times newspaper. The report houses fantastic content on the topics of engaging and retaining top talent, big data and diversity – a must read for any talent acquisition professional.

Excerpts From the Piece:

“At Cielo, Quality of Hire is defined as a group of meaningful measurements, unique to each company and role, which define success in hiring and retaining the right talent to fuel the business.”

“Research proves companies place tremendous value on the ability to predict candidate quality. But few have defined quality for their business or are getting the quality hires they need. The gap between the desire for quality and ability to deliver without a definition is clear.”

“90% of business leaders agree that consistently delivering quality hires should be the top priority for talent acquisition. Only 55% rated the performance of their talent acquisition team as actually effective at delivering quality hires consistently.”

“Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 report also found that companies using recruitment process outsourcing are twice as likely to rate their recruitment function as effective at delivering quality hires consistently.”

You can read the full piece in the Times here: “Defining Quality of Hire Transforms Effectiveness.”