The Telegraph and Yahoo! Finance: Creative Brains of Tomorrow Need Signing Up Today

Sue Brooks, Managing Director of Cielo’s Talent Consultancy, was spotlighted this week in an article published by two Yahoo! domains, online UK publication The Telegraph and Yahoo! Finance UK & Ireland. The article, Creative Brains of Tomorrow Need Signing Up Today, discusses why “more and more companies are using talent pipelining to safeguard their futures.”

As Sue explains, talent must be "developed and grown" – not merely siphoned from other companies by making large salary offers.

Excerpts from the article:

Talent “pipelining” nurturing skilled people who could be potential employees is the latest buzzword in HR circles. As the economy recovers, the demand for skilled workers particularly those in tech and creative industries is likely to far outstrip the supply of them .

Sue Brooks, of global talent consultancy Cielo, says: “The idea that you can rock up into a growth economy, put the biggest salary on the table and hope that’s going to be the answer is laughable. You will not do it because the talent is not available; it must be developed and grown. Companies need to invest.”


Pipelining is an ugly word, but it serves an important purpose – to remind [small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)] that they need to look forward further than tomorrow if they are to have any chance in securing the talent they need.