The Guardian: Parental leave: what to expect on the return to work

Paula Parfitt, Cielo’s Senior Vice President, recently penned a piece for The Guardian titled, “Parental leave: what to expect on the return to work.” This article explores the challenges and opportunities for parents returning to working life after the birth of a child.

Excerpts from the article:

“Re-entering working life is a very different experience for each individual, and many find it understandably challenging. I have two children, but each time I returned to work following maternity leave couldn’t have been more different.”

“As often is the case, on my return to the labour market I joined a new company. In some ways, this helped ease me back into work, as I wasn’t expected to know everything and was given a chance to find my feet before being thrown in at the deep end. I felt empowered by my new role as a parent. I was more decisive and viewed life through a new, different lens: after all it’s only work.”

“Over an extended period of time certain tasks become an integral part of a person’s job role, and it isn’t always a relief to hand them back. So I made it my mission to find out what had happened while I was away and where the main frustrations lay, so I could integrate back into the business and rebuild my team. Never is emotional intelligence as vital as when you are navigating your own complex feelings about work, as well as trying to understand how your return affects those around you.”

“However, taking steps to reintegrate into the workplace shouldn’t just be the responsibility of returners. It’s up to employers to implement simple initiatives that enable those returning to immediately feel like a member of the team again.”

You can find the full article on The Guardian’s website: “Parental leave: what to expect on the return to work.”