The Global Recruiter: Fixing the Financial Services Talent Pipeline Problem

Seb O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe and APAC, was recently published in The Global Recruiter. His article, “Fixing the Financial Services Talent Pipeline Problem,” highlights the issue of gender equality in the Financial Services sector. Seb offers his top three tips to resolve this issue.

Excerpts From the Article:

“Research from PwC revealed that young women in particular perceive financial services as an unattractive industry to work in, and over half (60 per cent) felt firms are not doing enough to promote diversity.”

“The first step to attracting more female candidates is to ensure your company’s approach to diversity is reflected in your employer branding. Highlight female employees with high impact roles at the top. Encourage these high fliers to share their stories on traditional and social media. This creates a powerful brand statement, by showing there is no limit on what women can achieve in the industry."

“Call out unconscious bias. Unconscious bias could include managers hiring in their image, which in financial services would often mean white, male and middle class, or allowing stereotypes to influence their decisions. To weed out unconscious bias, financial services organisations need to apply a fair, consistent and thoughtful approach to talent acquisition. Train hiring managers to spot unconscious bias and ensure diversity is at the forefront when managing recruitment processes.”

“According to the Government’s Equalities Office, equalising women’s productivity and employment to the same level as men’s could add £600 billion to the UK economy. Far from being just a female issue, diversity has wider business implications. If financial services firms are to reap the rewards of greater gender balance at the top, they need to harness advocates – male and female.”

You can read Seb’s full article at The Global Recruiter: “Fixing the Financial Services Talent Pipeline Problem.”