The Chad and Cheese Podcast: Cielo's High Volume RPO

“The Chad & Cheese Podcast,” which bills itself as “HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast,” touted Cielo’s High Volume RPO solution during a recent edition. Chad Sowash shared that he happened to be discussing high-volume recruiting with a colleague when he saw Cielo’s High Volume RPO press release. That is when he decided to speak with Adam Godson, Cielo’s VP of Global Technology Solutions, to learn more.

Excerpt from the podcast:

Chad Sowash: “One of [Adam’s] clients called and said on Friday, just when they’re getting ready to close down for the weekend and said, ‘Look, we need to have more candidates for next week, we’re doing a big push, this is what’s going on,’ and by Monday morning, the client had 355 interviews scheduled. This is the power of mobile. Seriously.

“It used to be when the newspaper was the big push for jobs, when you were looking for a job, you would wait for that Sunday paper. That’s not how people look for jobs now. Generally, Monday is the day that everybody is searching for a job. But because of this mobile-first, AI-first kind of technology [Cielo] is putting in place, they’re able to get past that, which I thought was incredibly cool. And I’ve got to say, it does not surprise me to see RPO actually do something at this scale with this type of process and be able to pull together this many type of technologies and get it right. Companies who really want to get this high-volume piece right should really start looking at RPOs.”

Visit “The Chad & Cheese Podcast” to hear the whole discussion, which starts at about 29 minutes in.