Talent Management: Take Employer Branding to the Next Level

Pinstripe’s Executive Vice President, Angela Hills, was quoted in the September edition of Talent Management magazine, in an article entitled Take Employer Branding to the Next Level. This article stresses that employer branding is the company’s reputation as an employer, which is what draws candidates to the company, or repels them. This image must stay consistent with what employees actually experience, creating a brand that is authentic as well as accurate. The experiences of the companies described in this article demonstrate that consistency and truthfulness in employer branding ensure talent success.

Excerpts from the article:

Canale stressed the importance of developing an employer brand that is truthful and an accurate representation of an employee’s experience.

“We’re trying to portray it in reality,” he said. “That is important to us because we don’t want to paint it as something that it’s not just to attract people in the door. We’re trying to position it so we attract the best, who we feel are going to be successful in the company.”

That’s exactly where companies with top employer brands succeed, said Angela Hills, executive vice president at Pinstripe Inc., a recruitment process outsourcing company.

“Organizations that consistently stay on lists like this have a consistency between who they are and who everyone thinks they are,” Hills said. “The cool factor isn’t just the marketing hype. They have a way of aligning their employer brand — their internal employee experience of how it is to work at the organization — and their outward brand.”


The complete article begins on page 24 of the printed magazine and can be in its completeness here: