Talent Management: Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow

Pinstripe Executive Vice President, Angela Hills, authored an article that was published in the November issue of Talent Management magazine and features leaders Nury Plumley and Cathy Taylor of Agilent Technologies. The editorial, Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow, explores the importance of keeping a close eye on three specific areas to reinvigorate the talent acquisition process: brand strategy, application processes and onboarding.

Pinstripe and Agilent, a global instrument and equipment company, have formed a strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnership; the article also highlights how the two organizations have collaborated to develop highly tailored social media campaigns—resulting in measurable benefits and robust talent communities for Agilent.

Excerpts from the article:

Studies have repeatedly shown that employee engagement and satisfaction can improve organizational performance, leading to more than 22 percent higher profitability (Gallup), 43 percent more productivity (Hay Group), and 37 percent higher sales (author Shawn Achor), among other benefits. However, employee engagement is waning, leaving them at risk for declining performance … To get their workforces back on track, talent managers must get engagement right, and that process must start before employees walk in the door.

On the importance of developing social platforms and campaigns to optimize recruiting: 
One company that has done this successfully is Agilent Technologies, a global instrument and equipment company. To engage candidates in several of the firm’s priority markets, Agilent created country-specific campaigns – announcing local Agilent events and news, sharing career and employment advice, featuring local job openings and posting articles on current trends – to connect with and engage targeted candidates.

“People want to know about people, and social media provides access to current employees and a great window into what it’s like to work at Agilent,” said Nury Plumley, Agilent’s Americans and Europe Staffing Manager. “Our social recruiting strategy has been very successful when it comes to engaging candidates. We’ve seen increases in source-of-hire from social media, but also in overall engagement with our company through followers, likes, shares and inquiries – particularly at a local level.” At times, Agilent has received nearly 10% of its applicants from social media recruitment efforts. Further, the Facebook fans increased 72 percent, it’s LinkedIn group member increased 60 percent and its Twitter followers increased 17 percent from June 2012 to June 2013.

On bridging the gap between recruitment and employment: 
The final phase of the recruitment process is onboarding. Effective, seamless onboarding helps to ensure that employees aren’t frustrated before they even start. At Agilent, it’s another area where talent leaders spend a lot of time. “The second someone accepts an offer, we begin tackling onboarding,” said Cathy Taylor, Americas HR Manager, Agilent.


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