Staffing Industry Review: The RPO Twist

Sue Marks, Cielo’s CEO, was recently quoted in an article on Staffing Industry Review entitled, The RPO Twist. In a brief description of the history of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), this article describes that because there were so few early adopters of RPO, providers were able to customize each solution for each customer. As the industry has grown and popularized, current and new customers demand that same customization and care, in addition to increased people, tech and global investments. This article describes how the world’s best providers are currently meeting customers’ needs, including: holistic workforce management, flexible, global service models and reporting and analytics.

Excerpts from the article:

Flexible, Global Service Models
It seems no two clients implement RPO the same way. The formats range from partial outsourcing of specific processes to end-to-end solutions to co-sourcing and multiple vendor models. And while some clients engage an RPO to source exempt professionals, others offload the acquisition, onboarding and training regimens for large volumes of seasonal workers.

Sue Marks, founder and CEO of Cielo, has developed a “plug and play” system to facilitate the customization of each client’s delivery model.

Her collection of “plug and play” modules includes dedicated talent acquisition teams augmented by contract recruiters, supplemental recruiting centers and both on-site and near-site service options. And in light of the consumerization of recruiting technology, she gives candidates and hiring managers the option of sharing resumes and scheduling interviews via fax, mobile phone or online.

“We consider geographic location, whether we’re recruiting for exempt or non-exempt staff, the availability of talent, the nature of our recruiting partnership and other factors when deciding which modules and tools to deploy,” Marks explains.

“If I’m making this sound easy — it’s not,” she adds emphatically.