Recruiting Trends: Talent Management Can Make or Break an M&A

Angela Hills, Cielo’s Executive Vice President, Managing Director - North America, recently authored an article on the impact of talent management on mergers and acquisitions for Her piece explores the importance of addressing people issues and cultural integration when working to ensure a deal’s success.

Excerpts from the Article:

“Despite the clear appetite for M&A, a deal's success is never guaranteed and often hinges on effectively addressing people issues and managing cultural integration.”

“Working with business leaders, HR must understand the future strategy of the combined organization and then define the organizational structures and roles that are critical to the new company's success.”

“Designing the integration process with employee experience in mind enables HR to focus on clear and timely communications that keep employees informed about the future of the company and opportunities that exist for them within the new organization.”

“While post-merger integration can be a disruptive time for organizations, if managed strategically and thoughtfully, employees can have a positive experience that strengthens their commitment to the new company.”

Angela makes the case that proactively addressing the concerns of an organization’s leadership and employees is critical to the success of an M&A.