Recruiting Trends: Left Behind: Core Talent Acquisition Skills Lost in Pursuit of Innovation

Cielo's Angela Hills was recently published in Recruiting Trends. Her article, “Left Behind: Core Talent Acquisition Skills Lost in Pursuit of Innovation,” explores findings in Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research that show a decline in core recruiting skills as talent acquisition leaders rush to achieve “innovation.”

Excerpts From the Article:

“In the rush to achieve relevancy in the eyes of our peers, many HR leaders have purchased tools and technologies to improve efficiencies. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. Better technology is fantastic – but it is only as good as the person behind the keyboard.”

“Whether or not your department is facing this exact scenario, the fact remains that our core recruitment skills have fallen behind as we strive to get ahead. No wonder business unit leaders are unhappy with the quality of their new hires.”

“This is not mere conjecture. Cielo recently conducted a survey of nearly 700 Business Unit Leaders, HR/Talent Acquisition Leaders and C-level Executives from organizations around the globe, and the vast majority pointed to a major skills gap in core recruitment skills. “Quality of Hire” was seen as their top priority, which talent acquisition is failing to deliver on.”

“We must return to our roots to build a foundation that does not sway when we move toward strategic innovation. The good news is, once you have identified your trouble areas, it is not too difficult to address them.”

Read the full article here: “Left Behind: Core Talent Acquisition Skills Lost in Pursuit of Innovation.”