Recruiting Future Podcast: How Do You Measure An Employer Brand?

Andy Curlewis, the leader of Cielo’s Brand Practice, was interviewed by HR and Recruitment Marketing expert Matt Adler on his weekly podcast, Recruiting Future. In the episode, How Do You Measure An Employer Brand?, Andy explains the impact employer brands have on talent acquisition and talent management, how brands should approach their messaging on social media channels, measuring brand impact and more.

Quotes from the Podcast:

“The brand isn’t a product, a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all the experiences you have with a company and most crucially of all, what differentiates that company from the rest. And obviously when we’re talking about a career, it’s a pretty sophisticated sell. You’re not selling a widget or a solution.”

“ … Finding people is only half the challenge. It’s more about convincing the right ones to join now, and then hey, maybe even inspiring them to stay and do great things.”

“ … There has traditionally been a gap between talent acquisition and talent management … one can’t be successful without the other. Getting people in through the front door just to see them swing out the back door, that can’t be fruitful or effective. And I guess that’s why it’s interesting as an RPO business when you’re looking at the metrics that you’re applying to value. Value is about total value cost. This means recruitment prevention and stopping some of the regretted attrition that can happen. For recruitment, or talent acquisition, to be truly successful, it’s got to be feeding into an ongoing process that in itself is successful – and there is a virtual circle there. If one is completely broken, then the other by definition is going to be a real challenge.”

“If we talk about a digital age, really in many respects it’s the age of truth and transparency. It’s difficult to hide behind those corporate walls of management babel. And so for me, when it comes to digital channels, social media and so forth, there’s just a real need to make sure that what we’re saying and how we’re saying it really does reflect who and what we are. Because if it doesn’t, it’s very clear to those immediate stakeholders, whether they’re employees or candidates or customers or whatever it might be, that actually there’s a visage there but it’s not actually true. And that’s often more dangerous than not having any communication at all.”

“We find that on the maturity curve, there are two things we are looking for. We’re looking for those quick wins. We’re looking for those really visible or effective activities that can be deployed. The other thing that we look for a lot is sustainability: ‘How can we put in place something which is truly going to measure effective performance?’ But you know what, more importantly, how can you put in place something which is going to be adopted, i.e. people are actually going to use these measurements. There’s no point in having a fantastic dashboard if no one’s putting the right data in.”

Andy’s insights into the RPO business, employer brand and measuring brand impact are valuable and immediately actionable. The podcast is a 15-minute listen packed full of information you can use to improve your employer brand. Listen to Recruiting Future: How Do You Measure An Employer Brand? on