Internal mobility: Finding talent on your doorstep

Cielo’s Director of Brand, Digital and Communication, Andy Curlewis, was recently featured in an article on Internal mobility: Finding talent on your doorstep. While much of internal employee mobility is driven by the employee’s desire and outreach – and is in the interests of the business in order to retain top talent – there is much that companies can do to encourage and facilitate this. Tips include: making sure that all employees are aware of job types and openings, minimizing potential harmful impacts of moving around the company and even so far as having leaders “give permission” to seek internal opportunities.

Excerpts from the article:

Andy Curlewis, director, brand, digital and comms at recruitment process outsourcing and talent consultancy, Cielo Talent, says that employees themselves are one of the biggest drivers of mobility. “Employees want to have the opportunity to work in different areas of the business and countries, a faster career path, and that means moving them around,” he says.

At the same time, he says: “Organisations increasingly need to move their good people around because they can’t get enough good people externally.”

Curlewis says that as well as linking to the big picture, organisations need to get the nuts and bolts of internal recruitment right. This means “job listings available to everyone, agreed procedures on how they are communicated, how long they should be open and how you notify your line manager if you want to apply”. “There is a real process and infrastructure component to this,” he says.

Those who do express an interest in moving internally can even end up feeling like traitors and cold-shouldered by their existing team, says Curlewis.