Real Business: Needles in a Haystack: How to Succeed at Volume Recruiting

Seb O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe and APAC, wrote an article for the online UK publication Real Business. His article, “Needles in a haystack: How to succeed at volume recruiting,” explains how to avoid the pitfalls of high volume recruitment and strike a balance between quality, volume and speed of hire.

Excerpts From the Article:

“When the pressure is on to hire high volumes of employees quickly, the administrative burden of certain recruiting tasks can divert attention away from talent acquisition’s core focus – finding the right people for your organisation.”

“Communicating a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is a crucial step to encouraging high numbers of great applicants to apply. Our own ‘Talent Acquisition Index’ revealed that just 13 per cent of poor performing organisations rated the quality of their EVP in attracting talent as effective, compared to 86 per cent of leading businesses.”

“When talent acquisition teams need to make large scale hiring decisions quickly, it is vital they have a clear picture of the skills they need, what is available and where to find them. Your own data should provide insights into past areas of recruitment successes and failures, helping you build a checklist of specific competencies that the highest quality candidates regularly exhibit. Use data available about your talent pool to find the right people.”

“Communicate regularly with candidates at each stage of the process, while offering consistent and useful feedback – whether positive or negative. Ensure your recruiters have the tools to deliver candidate engagement strategies that are customised depending on specific talent pools, positions and geographical regions.”

“To successfully hire quality talent on a volume basis, organisations need to strike a fine balance between harnessing technology and data to optimise recruitment processes, and delivering an engaging candidate experience.”

You can read Seb’s full article at Real Business here: “Needles in a haystack: How to succeed at volume recruiting.”