Real Business: Four things talent leaders should do to add real business value

Seb O’Connell, Cielo’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe and APAC, wrote an article for the UK publication Real Business titled, “Four things talent leaders should do to add real business value.” This piece pulls key insights from Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research, which shows a significant gap between the importance of recruitment activities and the performance of these tasks by recruiters. Seb gives talent leaders four tips to turn knowledge of these findings into true business value.

Excerpts from the article:

“Hiring high quality talent consistently delivers a huge competitive advantage for organisations. Talent acquisition professionals have long known this to be true, but now – according to the results of a report entitled ‘Talent Acquisition 360’ – 89 per cent of business leaders also agree that talent is a critical competitive advantage for their firm.”

“As business leaders recognise that their organisation’s ability to perform and compete depends squarely on hiring and retaining the right people, talent acquisition leaders have an opportunity to demonstrate their strategic value to the businesses they support.”

“The talent acquisition function is only as strong as its people, so you need to start by closing the skills gap in your own team. Define the core competencies of recruiters for the kinds of hires your organisation requires and conduct regular evaluations of your team to ensure they are performing effectively.”

“Our research shows that the effectiveness gap is partly driven by a lack of alignment in definitions of success between talent acquisition and the rest of the business. Talent leaders need to execute against strategies that support the overall business goals, and this must be derived from a deep understanding of the business objectives and expectations of leaders.”

You can read the full article here: “Four things talent leaders should do to add real business value.”