NelsonHall HRO Insights: Gary Bragar Reviews Analyst Day at Pinstripe’s Annual Client Summit

Research Director of NelsonHall’s HR Outsourcing program, Gary Bragar, attended Pinstripe’s first ever Analyst Day on May 15, 2013, in conjunction with the annual Pinstripe Talent Forward Summit. Bragar published a review and highlights from the Summit in an article titled Pinstripe’s RPO Analyst Day: Talent Forward, which was published on the HR Outsourcing Insights blog page.

Excerpts from the article:

Client Panel
Pinstripe discussed 10 recent innovations, of which a panel of four Pinstripe clients then discussed a few Pinstripe innovations that have benefitted their business.

Client Tour
We toured the Brookfield facility where ~60% of employees work. The tour included:

  • Understanding how employees are recognized
  • How virtual employees are connected and communicated with as though they were onsite in Brookfield
  • Demos of some of the innovations, including email campaigns to build talent pipelines
  • A visit to the Impression Center.

Pinstripe Analyst Briefing
Pinstripe has grown from ~450 employees and ~73,000 hires in 2011 to ~575 employees today and nearly 100,000 hires in 2012. … Several of the more recent contracts have been second- and third-generation RPO clients. Pinstripe’s partnership with Ochre House, formed in 2009 to deliver RPO in EMEA and Asia-Pacific, has been awarded several contracts to fill multi-regional hiring needs. …

One of the key messages taken from this summit is that Pinstripe is keenly focused on the candidate experience and a positive work environment for its employees to excel at satisfying client needs. It is therefore of no surprise that Pinstripe recruiters have an average of >9 years’ experience.


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