NelsonHall: Getting More Out of Recruitment: Going Beyond EVP

Cielo was recently mentioned in a post from a leading industry analyst, NelsonHall, which recognized the increasing importance and value of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in recruitment strategies. According to NelsonHall, EVP is far more than an optimized careers page and exciting company values (though those do help) – a company’s EVP must look to the future and demonstrate how the candidate will be able to grow with the company. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers understand this, and provide services to their clients to maximize the impact of EVP.

Excerpts from the article:

It is logical that recruitment and talent acquisition should morph into wider talent management services, and by ongoing engagement with the talent pool, recruiters should be encouraging passive candidates to consider the question “where next for me?” Over the last year, RPO organizations have been recognizing the importance of wider talent strategies to address workforce management and retention issues by building their talent consulting services. For example: … Cielo launched a talent consulting organization in November 2014, which includes leadership and talent program design.

And, over the next few years, we can expect ongoing career discussions and ‘check-ins’ with employees to be a growing part of RPO companies’ service offering.

Key to success in getting more out of recruitment services, and going beyond EVP, will be a willingness to invest in this broader approach that allows career planning to become a networked discussion across talent pools and recruiters.


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