Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Marks finds the 'Blue Ocean'

Sue Marks, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cielo, recently spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at Scale Up Milwaukee’s Meet the Masters seminar at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, WI. The published article, entitled "Marks finds the 'Blue Ocean,'" describes how Sue continues to break out of the red ocean of battling competitors into a blue ocean of creativity and innovation that competitors cannot duplicate.

Excerpts from the article:

"Sue Marks has a knack for swimming into the blue ocean. For the better part of three decades, she has been finding ways to differentiate her businesses from the red ocean that is the human resources and staffing industry."

"With RPO, we become a corporate recruiting department. I absolutely thought of it as a blue ocean," Marks says. "We become our client's corporate recruitment department. We are a strategic partner. It is indeed so true that how we do what we do matters more than just what we do. And the why, the why makes it sing."

"We brand from the inside out. That's important," Marks says. "We have a lot of smart people solving problems. We have a small rearview mirror, and we put our pedal on the metal."

"What drives me as an entrepreneur is building a great company where great people can grow and do great things. Seeing people grow and take bigger roles in our company is very gratifying," Marks says. "We want to be the only ones who can do what we do for our clients."

You can read Sue’s full article on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online: "Marks finds the 'Blue Ocean.'"