Milwaukee BizTimes: Be Bold: Culture of Innovation Drives Pinstripe's Growth

Pinstripe’s executive leadership team was profiled in a Milwaukee BizTimes cover story entitled, Be Bold: Culture of Innovation Drives Pinstripe’s Growth. Among those interviewed were: Sue Marks, Joy Krausert, Angela Hills, Jill Schwieters and Erin Lange. This article showcases the incredible growth that Pinstripe has achieved, and the leaders stressed that this will continue due to the innovative culture that they value and foster.

Excerpts from the article:

Pinstripe chief executive officer Sue Marks and her leadership team do not plan to slow their bold growth anytime soon. In fact, the executive team is driving constant change so the company can continue meeting its performance goals, challenging itself and pushing the envelope on talent.

"We were together (following the investment) really trying to work through what would be next," said Angela Hills, executive vice president. "We took time to challenge the ideas and stop and think, 'Is it still going to work going forward?' We're not afraid to rip it apart and start fresh."

"We wanted to step up after the recession, so the recession actually helped us improve," said Joy Krausert, chief financial and administrative officer. "We chose to double down on ourselves, and it's paid off."

The key to the company's growth has been strong operations, Schwieters said. "We do what we say we're going to do, and we do it passionately," she said.

The small, intimate business model the founders started with has been adapted to the current size of the company, while the leaders strive to keep the same culture, Lange said.

"How do we stay small while we get bigger?" she asked.


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