Main Street: From Diversity to Dogs: The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2015

Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director – North America, Angela Hills, was quoted in an article on Main Street, a finance-oriented news and advice website whose goal is to “grow your wealth and enhance your life.” The article, From Diversity to Dogs: The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2015, highlights some of the upcoming trends we should expect to see more of this year – including bringing your pets to work and wearable tech.

Excerpts from the article:

3. You may find a mentor in the office next door.
Companies want to retain top talent, and this year they'll be investing more in career development for existing employees. Yes, this means training seminars and leadership sessions, but it also means real hands-on mentorship and coaching, says Angela Hills, executive vice president and managing director at HR consultancy Cielo.

"Companies are going to provide mentors within their organization, offering more genuine connections," Hills says. "They know that people can leave and go to another company if they want, so they're doing more than just paying for someone to attend a leadership retreat."

6. More money won't always translate to career development.
This year it's going to be easy to "jump ship for more money," Hills says, but the extra cash won't always equate to more professional development.

"If you're looking for growth, the job that's offering you the most money may not be the one that's going to provide the right career trajectory," she says. "There will be an increased need for employees to be really clear about what they want to learn and accomplish over the next few years so they make the right choices in the market."

It's easy to be lured away to another job that sounds great, Hills says, but before you accept an offer, ask yourself, "Where do I want to be in five years, and how is this job going to help me get there?"

10. You may use mobile even more than before — and stay home more often.
Mobile is nothing new, but this year employers will enable mobile access to systems and programs like never before, Hills describes.

"Employees are going to see more flexibility and better work/life balance. Organizations are being pressured to interact on a whole new level," she says. "Companies are going to be making it easier for people to dial in and do things when they want, where they want."


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