Insight: The Augmented Human: the future of recruitment?

Seb O’Connell, Cielo’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe, has written an article for the Institute of Leadership and Management's Insight magazine. His piece, “The Augmented Human: the future of recruitment?” deals with the impacts technology, automation and data will have on the future of recruitment. It was published in the July 2015 edition of Insight.

Excerpts from the Article:

“In a human-oriented industry like recruitment, we need to ask ourselves what place we want technology and automation to occupy. Indeed, as technology continues to leap forward, allowing more and more processes to be automated, the troubling issue to be addressed is whether we risk losing the ‘human’ from HR.”

“A study last year by Oxford Economics calculated the average cost of replacing a member of staff to be over £30,000, so it’s clearly vital to find the right people the first time round. Part of this cost is the expense involved in sourcing new candidates and this is where big data really comes into its own.”

“Data-driven automation and a high-tech HR platform can be used to maintain a healthy talent pipeline, meaning that finding new candidates is far less costly and time-consuming. By maintaining a smart candidate database, for example, you can track who has applied to your firm and when, as well as their interests and strengths.”

“A high-tech approach that streamlines the recruitment process gives recruiters and HR teams the freedom to concentrate their efforts where they are most needed – people – and actually improves the overall candidate experience.”

Seb’s take is that technology will actually allow HR to become more human.