Human Talent Network: Mobile Power – The Next Phase of Employee Recruitment

Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director – North America, Angela Hills, recently authored an article for Human Talent Network (HTN): Mobile Power: The Next Phase of Employee Recruitment. The article, which received HTN’s “Applying Award,” features the premise, “It’s time to embrace the power of mobile. Companies that have yet to do so are at risk of falling behind in the fierce competition to recruit and retain the best candidates … Just as smartphones revolutionized day-to-day business communication, mobile devices are now changing the way talent is sourced and acquired.”

Excerpts from the article:

As of January 2014, according to Pew Research, 90 percent of Americans have a mobile phone, creating an unparalleled opportunity for organizations to leverage mobile in their recruitment strategies to create:

1. Visibility to talent
2. Capabilities to connect with talent, and
3. Reach to target the right talent

In fact, today’s jobs marketplace demands the use of mobile. According to Google, one in five jobseekers are now carrying out their searches on a mobile device, and four out of five smartphone users say they will use mobile to search for new job opportunities. Clearly, mobile technologies are not just “nice to have,” they’re a “must have.”

There are many benefits to going mobile with your recruitment strategy. Not only does mobile enable targeted candidate marketing, it also allows companies to engage with candidates in two-way dialog and interaction.

“Mobile devices and apps are no longer the ‘hot new craze’,” said China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work. “They have become a critical communications tool that forward-thinking HR leaders are using to reach both passive and active job seekers who are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to hunt for jobs or search for job-related information.”

Whether managing the recruitment function of a Fortune 500 company or a mid-size start-up, reaching candidates where they are is essential. With more and more candidates going mobile, it’s critical that HR and talent managers follow.

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