HRZone: Recognising the Value of Talent Isn’t Holding Growth Back

Sue Brooks, Cielo Chief Innovation Officer, penned an article this week for online community HRZone. In the editorial, Recognising the Value of Talent Isn’t Holding Growth Back, Sue discusses why there needs to be “better leadership and management of people and organisations, increased employee engagement and more transparency regarding the value talent has on business success,” in order to support future economic growth.

Excerpts from the article: 

I’m in constant contact with HR Directors and business owners across the UK, and I have to say that almost everyone I speak with recognises that people are a company’s biggest asset … If there is a problem, I would argue that it is not a case of organisations failing to see the true worth of staff, but rather that HR teams are still finding it challenging to develop truly strategic workforce plans. 

For example, one of the key elements of such strategies is employee engagement, but many businesses are struggling with this element … To create a truly engaged workforce, businesses need to develop a culture that fully embraces diversity. In fact, in the Cielo Talent Activation Indexwhich surveyed 750 global HR and talent management professionals, we found that 69% of leading businesses rate their ability to “empower workers of diverse cultural backgrounds to work in their own styles while contributing to common business objectives” as “very effective”. This is compared to just 5% of poor performing organisations.

What this really demonstrates is that embracing cultural diversity can be hugely beneficial for employee engagement and, ultimately, business success.

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