HRZone: Developing Lasting Partnerships that Benefit Talent Strategies

Cielo Chief Innovation Officer, Sue Brooks, published an editorial this week for online community HRZone. The article, Developing Lasting Partnerships that Benefit Talent Strategies, answers a pressing question for global organisations seeking to optimise their talent functions in 2015: “What should HR be looking for from an external resource?”                                 

According to Sue, “As we approach the end of 2014 … the biggest change in people strategies is the growing number of organisations seeking a partner that is able to deliver well-rounded, global talent solutions.”

Excerpts from the article: 

Several years ago, it would have perhaps been common to see a company juggling a number of suppliers and internal resources, each tasked with managing a different element of the talent life cycle. This could range from an external recruitment agency responsible for sourcing applicants to an HR consultancy creating strategic succession plans.

The obvious challenge with this approach is how to ensure that the talent experience and corporate message is consistent across the board. It’s for this reason that there has been such a high demand for global partners that are able to provide strategically aligned talent solutions across people engagement points … For an HR manager looking to form a valuable and lasting relationship with such a partner, what should you be looking for from an external resource?

1. Relevant Sector Experience
2. Demonstrating ROI
3. Scalability
4. Tools and Technology
5. Cultural Fit

It’s certainly an exciting time for the HR profession, as talent increasingly becomes a top priority for many businesses. However, it’s important that anyone looking to develop strategic relationships finds a partner who fits with the business, its current and potential talent and, of course, its future plans.

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