HRZone: Bridging the void: ensuring your talent acquisition team outperforms expectations

Seb O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe and Asia Pacific Regions, published a post on HRZone entitled, “Bridging the void: ensuring your talent acquisition team outperforms expectations.” This piece highlights Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research, which demonstrates a disconnect between what business unit leaders expect of their talent acquisition teams and what those teams deliver. Seb offers four tips to help bridge this disconnect and ensure that talent acquisition teams consistently deliver the most important priority: quality hires.

Excerpts from the article:

  1. Commit to the core: The first step in closing the effectiveness gap is to redress the foundations of recruiting capabilities. Start by regularly evaluating the skills of your recruiters. 78% of the respondents in the study admitted that evaluation is one area of their recruiting acumen that is seriously lacking, but this is vital to ongoing development and success.
  2. Become indispensable: Begin by crafting KPIs directly linked to the organisation’s business objectives to ensure your talent acquisition teams become more in-sync with business leaders.
  3. Get in the loop: It may seem simple, but communicate regularly with business unit leaders and C-level executives about your talent strategy and processes. This can go a long way to improve understanding and perceptions of your team’s role and performance.
  4. Consistently deliver quality hires: Work with business leaders to identify key competencies and requirements to ensure that only the best talent is sourced. Search for quality attributes demonstrated by current employees to ensure that future hires fit the company ethos.

You can read Seb’s full piece on HRZone: “Bridging the void: ensuring your talent acquisition team outperforms expectations.