HRO Today: Taking The Lead On Talent

Sue Marks, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cielo, offered her expert opinion on the changing nature of work and the importance of recruiting high-performers in a new piece by the editors of HRO Today: “Taking The Lead On Talent.” The article highlights three leaders in talent acquisition from the following categories: for profit, non-profit and innovation. Those featured were honored at an awards luncheon hosted by Cielo at the 2016 HRO Today Forum in Chicago.

Excerpts From the Article:

“Talent has always been a critical factor for organizations, but in recent years, the pressure has increased substantially for the leaders responsible for finding, attracting, and retaining high performers. According to LinkedIn Talent Solution’s Global Talent Trends 2016 report, 46 percent of talent acquisition professionals ranked ‘finding candidates in high demand talent pools’ as their greatest obstacle to attracting top talent—this was ranked above both compensation and competition.”

“’Given the changing nature of work and workers, never has a focus on attracting, engaging, retaining and developing high performers been more important,’ says Sue Marks, CEO of talent solutions provider Cielo. ‘In our faster-paced world, when we recruit we’ll need to focus on behavioral competencies, but even more on complex thinking abilities and mindsets, learning agility, self-awareness, comfort with ambiguity, and strategic thinking. Our organizations will need to reward innovation, agile behavior, and calculated risk-taking.’”

“In today’s climate, HRO Today saw the need to recognize the efforts of talent acquisition leaders. These professionals have executed business results through innovative and effective recruiting initiatives. Finalists in the three categories—for profit, non-profit and innovation—were honored at an awards luncheon hosted by Cielo at the 2016 HRO Today Forum North America in Chicago.”

You can read the full article on “Taking The Lead On Talent.”