HRO Today: Social Media is the Best Medicine

In an extensive article that examines how social media has helped healthcare organizations address talent shortages, HRO Today speaks to several experts, including Cielo’s Michail Takach, Global Digital Director of Brand and Social.

Michail weighs in with examples of how social media is a great vehicle for the type of storytelling that draws people to the healthcare industry.

Excerpt from the article:

“If done effectively, social media is a powerful tool to amplify and activate an organization’s employer brand by telling stories, building relationships, and engaging the right people,” says Michail Takach, Cielo’s global digital director of brand and social.

“Convincing the right [talent] to join and inspiring them to stay and deliver great care and partnerships is the real mission, which is accelerated by a strong social strategy.” …

“Healthcare talent is inspired and influenced by powerful storytelling. Whether it’s the patient who overcame incredible odds to live well again or the community of caregivers who came together to heal someone in their time of need, these stories have incredible power, reach, and impact. It’s exactly the same when it comes to the employer brand story,” Takach explains.

“Sharing authentic stories of the workplace culture, experience and value is an incredibly effective recruitment strategy. Healthcare systems are sitting on a goldmine of employer brand content, and those who are ready and able to mine that gold within their organizations will be the ones who win.”

You can read the full article, “Social Media is the Best Medicine,” here.