HRO Today: Revolving Door Recruitment

Angela Hills, Cielo’s Chief Revenue Officer, offered her expert opinion on topics including employee referrals and lowering recruitment expenses in a new piece featured on HRO Today: “Revolving Door Recruitment” by Russ Banham. 

Excerpts From the Article:

“Several studies indicate a strong tendency in the Millennial generation to join an organization and, not long after, turn in their letters of resignations if the work experience is not what they expected. This pattern results in near non-stop recruiting and a revolving door of people in and out of the company, which then kicks costs upwards at a time when budgets are thin. To solve this challenge, many businesses are reaching out to global RPO firms, which have developed cost-effective ways to stop the madcap sprint for the exits.”

“Eight years ago when jobs were elusive, a new employee simply sighed and accepted the state of affairs. No longer is this the case. A person who feels duped by the recruitment messaging won’t hang around for long, and when the individual finds another job, others will be informed on social media about the disconnect between the advertised work culture and the real one.”

“Employee referrals, the creation of talent communities, and providing stretch assignments to employees are other ways to reduce turnover. Assuming the current workforce is fully engaged in their tasks, they can cultivate new recruits who are equally engaged. ‘Employers that have a high percentage of new workers coming from their employee referral programs experience lower turnover,’ says Angela Hills.”

“Hills from Cielo says that the firm has helped its client partners save an average 40 percent of their recruitment spend. ‘This is our focus and our business,’ she says. ‘We’ve invested in automation and predictive analytics to ensure the recruitment of high-performing employees that fit our clients’ culture. Others in the RPO space have done the same.’”

“Any company can create an employment brand with inhouse resources, but many find this is one area where expert help is needed from outside the business to ensure a truly authentic brand and messaging. RPO firms have the chops to do just that.”

You can read the full article on “Revolving Door Recruitment.”