HRO Today: Not Enough Care in the World

With 1.1 million job openings, the talent shortage in the healthcare industry has reached epic proportions. Factors such as an aging population and skills gaps have set off a war for talent in which Recruitment Process Outsourcing has proven to be an effective weapon.

An extensive new article in HRO Today magazine examines the talent crisis and speaks to several healthcare officials, including Rob Croner, SVP of HR, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), who shares how partnering with Cielo Healthcare has helped his organization win talent.

Excerpt from the article:

“You’re engaging a firm whose specialty is recruitment in your industry,” he says. “The people Cielo hires are, by design and choice, healthcare recruiters – individuals well-versed in the sector’s talent problems and needs.” This expertise assists RPO recruiters in identifying and tracking passive job candidates – skilled people who are currently employed and not looking for a job, but may be open to the right opportunity in future. “We’ve had several success stories where Cielo leveraged social media and our mission branding to reach out to people we were otherwise not getting,” Croner says.


RPO providers also offer a way for hospital staff to focus on their strategic mission: the care of patients. “Cielo takes care of things like background checking, compliance, prescreening, and onboarding, allowing us to make better use of our internal resources,” says Croner. “This liberates us to deliver a quality employment experience improving our talent retention.”

To hear Rob go into more detail about CHOP's partnership with Cielo Healthcare, check out his video testimonial

Jill Schwieters, President of Cielo Healthcare, also contributes insight as to why RPO has proven successful.

“RPO offers healthcare facilities expertise and access to great recruiters, great recruitment processes, and great technology,” she asserts.

Schwieters has personal experience coping with the sector’s talent recruitment challenges —she’s the former regional vice president of human resources at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare: an integrated healthcare delivery system with nearly 25,000 employees in four states. “Too many hospitals look for a quick fix to a problem that requires a sustained response,” she says. “Instead of throwing money away on external search agencies, RPO is a cost-effective and highly sustainable recruiting strategy, presenting the means to find, attract, and hold onto great talent.”

You can read the full article, “Not Enough Care in the World,” here.