HRO Today Magazine: The Power of Information

Kristen Wright, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales Enablement, was quoted in the article, “The Power of Information: Transform Your Talent Acquisition Process With These Marketing-Inspired Strategies.” The piece, which was featured in the Fall 2015 edition of HRO Today Magazine, explains why recruiters and Recruitment Process Outsourcing agencies must use digital marketing strategies to proactively place employer brands in front of top talent.

Excerpts from the article:

“’The digital revolution has required recruiters to take on more of a marketing focus,’ says Kristen Wright, global marketing senior vice president for Cielo. ‘With mobile and social media becoming more engrained in individuals’ everyday lives, candidates can formulate their opinion of an employer even before the first connection is made. As a result, RPO partners must put emphasis on building a positive employer brand for clients across multiple channels in order to draw candidates in and leverage technology to generate demand, nurture candidates, and understand their digital behavior.'”

An employer brand gives candidates insight into what it is like to work for a company. Marketing a well-communicated strategy—via a company website, social media channels, and online networks—puts an organization in a better position to attract and engage a high level of talent. Today’s savvy candidates seek information about organizational culture so companies need to ensure they deliver what job seekers need.”

“But as with any strategy, it’s only effective if it’s measured. ‘From collecting and analyzing data to building out robust action plans, RPOs provide strategic insight to the best methods of content delivery and recruitment campaign performance,’ says Wright.”

Kristen’s insights into employer branding and online marketing strategies give context to the global push for organizations to expand their presence on the web. Read the full article in the digital edition of HRO Today Magazine.