HRO Today: Future-Proof Recruitment

The prospect of increased automation is looming large over many industries, and while there will be clear benefits, the fear for workers is that a machine will someday be doing their jobs. Where does automation fit into the future of the recruitment industry?

A new article in HRO Today magazine explores the topic, speaking to several HR and recruitment experts, including Adam Godson, Cielo’s Vice President of Technology.

Excerpt from the article:

“The transactional parts of recruiting – resume screening, interview scheduling, reporting, backgrounds, offers, and onboarding – are ripe for automation, while the emotional parts of recruiting – candidate engagement, hiring manager interviewing, and weighing the decision will be transformed into intentional, well-crafted experiences with people at the center,” Cielo Vice President of Technology Adam Godson explains. …

As automation continues to spread and more and more practitioners discover the benefits of using them, automation will likely become the status quo for certain areas of recruiting. It may never have the human intuition needed for highly specific job criteria, but, HR professionals should be considering all the ways that this revolutionary technology will fit into their current plan and be excited – not afraid – of the possibilities. “Recruiting will always be about connecting people to other people, so it won’t be automated entirely. What will be automated is the middle part of the process, but at the end of the day, job-seeking is a personal, emotional experience that will require emotional intelligence on behalf of recruiters to hire the best talent,” Godson says.

You can read the full article, “Future-Proof Recruitment,” here.

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