HRO Today: China: Skill Shortage Meets Talent Surplus

In a wide-ranging story that thoroughly explores the history and intricacies of recruitment challenges in China, HRO Today magazine spoke to several talent acquisition leaders in the Asia Pacific region to get their insight.

Among those experts quoted is Cielo’s Paul Daley, Senior Vice President, who shares how the shortage of skilled workers – a situation attributable to various societal causes – combined with an abundance of companies searching for talent affects everyone’s expectations.

Excerpt from the article:
Paul Daley, Cielo’s director of Asia Pacific operations, agrees and explains that in this talent-constrained environment, an employer may be looking for an applicant with seven years of experience but instead receives applications from jobseekers with a fraction of the time put in.

"In China, people’s career expectation is that one year of experience in China would be the same as, say, seven years in the U.S. or Europe. You get people with five years of experience wanting to be the next managing director,” he says.

Whilst this may seem like false entitlement on the part of the jobseeker, this attitude is a direct result of the talent deficit and high demand for human capital.

Organizations will need to decide for themselves how flexible they can be about years of experience and how long they can afford to search for fully qualified talent. But experts will stress that looking for applicants with transferrable skills and a willingness to learn could potentially solve this problem.

You can read the full article, “China: Skill Shortage Meets Talent Surplus,” here.