HRE Magazine: The Role of Hiring Managers in Quality of Hire

In its June 2 issue, HRE magazine features an article by Cielo’s Tara Cassady, Senior Vice President, focusing on “The Role of Hiring Managers in Quality of Hire.”

When it comes to defining and measuring Quality of Hire at an organization, everyone involved in the recruitment process has a role to play. Tara details the Hiring Manager’s role, going into specifics on what they should be doing before, during and even after the hire is made.

Excerpt from the article:

“Hiring Managers must understand their role in the recruiting process, because they are the ones who ultimately own the success or failure of the new hire. This means discussions need to be open and honest, setting the tone for a transparent relationship. A troubling statistic says that 57% of recruiters feel hiring managers do not understand recruiting, while 63% of hiring managers feel recruiters do not understand the jobs they are trying to fill. Both sides must be confident in the other’s knowledge and competencies in order to establish and maintain communication that is paramount to finding strong candidates.

“One way to get everyone on the same page is to schedule a job scope call. This is the time when Hiring Managers and recruiters share what their needs and expectations are of each other and what everyone’s picture of success looks like. Everyone should come away knowing timelines, responsibilities, the planned communication cadence, what the ideal candidate would be, and must-haves in a candidate vs. nice-to-haves.”

You can read the full article, “The Role of Hiring Managers in Quality of Hire,” here.