HR Executive: Thinking Global, Hiring Local

Pinstripe Executive Vice President, Angela Hills, shared her thoughts on how HR leaders should select and work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner for global hiring in an article from the November issue of HR Executive magazine, entitled Thinking Global, Hiring Local. This article showcases RPO partnership successes, as well as provides advice for selecting and implementing an RPO partnership.

Excerpts from the article:

Rajesh Ranjan, vice president of the Everest Group in Dallas, says many companied are turning to RPO for global recruitment for the same reasons they use it for domestic hiring: to handle the peaks and valleys of recruitment processes without being forced to grow and shrink HR headcount. However, he adds, companied face unique challenges in global recruitment.

Angela Hills, executive vice president of Brookfield, Wis.-based RPO provider Pinstripe, says many RPOs achieve that local brand and experience by partnering with local recruitment firms.

“This provides a stable set of alliances that have a proven track record,” she says. Hills argues that this best-in-breed approach gives RPOs the pick of the most successful local companies while, at the same time, ensuring central governance. However, other RPOs that have opted to grow out, rather than partner their way, into regions of the world have also been able to create very strong and successful networks of local organizations.

It’s clear that after an RPO is hired, the global recruiting efforts will still require a good amount of care and feeding from headquarters. But, as long as the hiring company understand that, going with an RPO can provide a very efficient way for global companies to develop and maintain a local presence in many regions of the world.


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