HR Executive: Reinventing HR? This Perspective May Surprise You!

Cielo CEO Sue Marks penned a piece for HR Executive Magazine for a special section of whitepapers. Her article, “Reinventing HR? This Perspective May Surprise You!” challenges CEOs and Boards to think strategically about their Human Resources Departments and perhaps split the payroll and benefits function from the people and talent function.

Excerpts from the article:

While the world is racing onward, the role of HR has remained, in many ways, the same. Most lay the problem at the foot of HR. I place it directly on boards and their CEOs. Boards and CEOs need to raise their expectations of their HR organizations, leaders and teams. And, as they do that, I suspect they will determine a revolution, not an evolution, is necessary.

Too Complex for "One HR"
While I agree that critical but transactional and administrative departments such as payroll and benefits should be moved to the CFO or CAO so the function can focus on important strategic pieces of the role, such as people and talent, I believe [Ram Charan on Harvard Business Review] is entirely wrong to classify culture, empowerment and cultural issues as merely "internal matters."

Culture, empowerment and engagement are the key reasons organizational decision making is or is not dysfunctional (or, at best, sub-optimal) and why people, or whole parts of the organization, are or are not meeting their performance goals.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Companies that want to win in the market for talent and win in their markets can no longer treat talent management as a part of an HR function that weights HR administration equally.

Boards and CEOs need to set the expectation that their people and talent pillars are truly prioritized, and their executives must have a constant eye on strategy, and deliver through an execution engine that is relentless and virtually flawless.


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