HR Executive: Landing Better Hires in 2013

Pinstripe Executive Vice President, Angela Hills, shared her thoughts on how hiring managers can effectively use evaluations to hire the right talent the first time with HR Executive Online for an article entitled Landing Better Hires in 2013. But even before arrive at evaluations, this article stresses that hiring and staffing managers must know what makes a good employee for a specific job, rather than simply for the entire company. Once a hiring manager identifies the specific traits required to be successful in a specific role, then they must ask the correct questions.

Excerpts from the article:

Thanks to social media, hiring managers often have greater access to background information than in years past, and the sluggish economy has made for a wider pool of candidates for many positions. So it follows that the number of successful new hires should be on the rise, right?

Not so, according to a newly released global study, which says many companies still do not know enough about employees they hire.

Measuring for attitudes that suit company culture can be overlooked in hiring processes and evaluations as well, says Angela Hills, executive vice president at the recruitment process outsourcing firm Pinstripe Inc., headquartered in Brookfield, Wis.

"It is key to have skilled recruiters who also are experts at behavioral interviewing techniques," she says. "Train your recruiters to use open-ended interview questions that specifically target the candidate’s work ethic, personality on the job, work-style attitudes and workplace values.

"The responses will help gauge a candidate’s passion and how they relate to the organization’s brand, vision and values," she says. "Candidates who are a strong cultural fit will usually have a story to tell that directly reflects the question’s underlying corporate value."


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