HR Executive: Building a Talent-Centric Organization

Pinstripe founder and CEO, Sue Marks, authored an editorial for the October 2013 edition of HR Executive magazine. Across the talent landscape, business decisions are increasingly being influenced by globalization, mobility, technology and innovation—making attracting, developing and retaining top talent more difficult and more important.

The article, Building a Talent-Centric Organization, addresses these issues directly; Sue challenges chief human resources officers (CHROs) and other HR leaders to make the difference their organizations need to achieve their goals by owning the role of HR Challenger.

Excerpts from the article:

According to recent Deloitte research, “talent management and leadership development” has surpassed “CEO succession” as a top priority for boards of directors, as it becomes clear that entering any business decision without a talent strategy and plan is a significant risk to the organization.

As a global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, we preach the importance of recruiting top talent. But we believe it is equally important to foster recruitment prevention. A concerted focus needs to be placed on the internal development of business critical talent and leadership, replacing the more common strategy of reactively recruiting for certain skills once a requisition is opened. The CHRO needs to lead the charge to ensure the organization is stacked with the talent necessary to meet business imperatives (now and for the future). Internal talent development reduces turnover, saves on unnecessary recruitment expenditures, reduces onboarding costs and time, eliminates vacancy and productivity consequences, and maximizes employer brand from within.

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