H&HN: The March of the Millennials – Your Hospital Staff in 2025

President of Pinstripe Healthcare, Jill Schwieters, was featured in the September 2013 issue of Hospitals & Health Networks, the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association. The article, The March of the Millennials: Your Hospitals Staff in 2025, explores what the hospital workforce will look like in 2025 and the future prominence of the Millennial generation. More specifically, Jill discusses the importance of investing in future-forward communication strategies—including social media.

Excerpt from the article:

Email? Facebook? That's Grandpa's social media 
If they want to recruit younger employees, hospitals whose social media policy consists of posting on Facebook a few times a week will need to step it up, says Jill Schwieters, president of Pinstripe Healthcare, a talent management and recruiting firm. "We all need to learn how to communicate and interact with Millennials. These are young people who are used to talking with six different people while playing Xbox. This is a workforce that's been communicating on Facebook. They don't text anymore; they certainly don't send and receive emails. Everything's two- and three-word answers."

She advises hospitals not only to devote more resources to external social media, but to turn their gaze inward, as well, so people can communicate efficiently within the organization. "Look at internal communications and technologies that you're investing in, so you've got a platform where people can be communicating department to department or hospital to hospital," she says. "If you think about a health system, how many different departments, how many different hospitals, how many different venues will there actually be? You need to make sure you've got the right digital platform to support real-time accurate and effective communication. And as it advances, keep up with those advances."

What will social media comprise in 2025? With communication tools changing constantly and quickly, trying to foresee that is an exercise in futility, Schwieters says. "My son would say, 'Grandma ruined Facebook, so we're doing Instagram now.' "

She advises hospitals to stay connected to area colleges and bring young job interns into the organization to stay current. "Those will be the folks who keep you in sync with what the trends and the best modes of communication are," she says.

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