H&HN Daily: Hiring for Today's Health Care

In an article published in H&HN Daily, Pinstripe Healthcare President, Jill Schwieters, shared her thoughts on the skills required in the new environment of healthcare.

Excerpts from the article:

A physician shortage, new technologies and shifting reimbursement policies require employees who can think critically and adapt quickly.

The future of health care lies in the quality of its people. This fact creates a significant challenge — and opportunity — for industry leaders. It's clear that the talent supply of the past will not meet the demands of tomorrow. With payments tied to patient satisfaction and quality, a lack of clinicians to care for an aging population, and shrinking reimbursement rates, health care organizations need talent that can successfully, and quickly, adapt.

First, organizations must create a culture of engagement. Even the most highly motivated employees can derail an organization's success if they are not engaged by their leader and empowered to make decisions and drive innovation. …

While employee engagement is critical, it's not enough on its own to succeed in today's health care environment. Organizations also need employees who can extend themselves beyond the traditional silos and collaborate across functions, departments and even venues to facilitate patient care. …

Critical Thinking
As the pace of change in the health care industry accelerates, health care organizations also need employees who can think critically and solve problems. …

Technological Savvy
Employees who are willing to embrace technological changes are critical to the future of health care. …

High Potential Talent
To effect change, health care executives and human resources officers must agree on the competencies critical to their organization's success. …

Maintaining a Patient Focus
Ultimately, the most important factor in the success of a health care organization is its employees' focus on and passion for coordinated, patient-centric care. …

Succeeding in the Future of Health Care
High-performing talent is the solution to the rising costs and challenges facing the health care industry. Organizations that take a disciplined approach and develop, attract and retain talent with these new competencies will improve patient outcomes, drive revenues and succeed.


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