HfS Research: Pinstripe & Ochre House – Globally Chic

Pinstripe & Ochre House was recently featured in an editorial published by Horses for Sources (HfS) Research, a leading global analyst and knowledge community for the business and IT services industries. Written by Vice President, Christa Degnan Manning, the premise of the article explains: “The official combination of Pinstripe and Ochre House brings customizable global solutions to top-talent seekers.”

Additionally, HfS recently evaluated Pinstripe and Ochre House as separate entities—using the editorial to present their research on each organization’s core assets and approaches to talent acquisition and management. Excerpts from the report are presented below.

Excerpts from the article:

On Pinstripe: 
[Pinstripe’s] tagline, ‘We Become You,’ is not only clever, but physically comes across in how Pinstripe arranges its client teams to mirror its customer organizations. Individuals sit in workstation pods grouped under customer banners. Employees adorn cubicles with client-branded marketing collateral and tchotchkes, giving the impression that they actually work for the client company. In HfS’s view of the ‘extended enterprise,’ they literally are an extension.

On Ochre House: 
Ochre House has an established an up-front client engagement model that enlists clients to outline broadly what they need in terms of the workforce, factoring in labor trends and business plan and goal-setting scenarios. To this end, the teams are better able to understand customer trajectories and critical talent gaps, while still working within clients’ existing talent and development activities. [Sue] Brooks, [Executive Vice President,] said her staff focuses on working with clients, “to make the best of what they’ve got and aligning before they go out externally.

On Pinstripe & Ochre House, as a combined entity: 
By venturing officially onto the global playing field and moving more into talent management, the new Pinstripe & Ochre House clearly heads into the competitive sights of bigger players such as Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) and IBM/Kenexa. It will also draw attention from Randstad SourceRight and U.S.-based ADP.

While you can bet these bigger players will try to buttonhole Pinstripe & Ochre House as a boutique player without the capabilities to scale, the companies’ reputation for responsiveness, flexibility, and the transparency with which its teams engage with its clients and their candidates and employees alike may make all the difference to today’s disenfranchised workers. They ultimately decide who has the best recruiting capabilities and its questionable if big brand behemoths will be able to deliver discerning results over smaller players over the long haul – think Sears over Saville Row.