HfS Research: Cultivating Culture Across the Extended Enterprise

On May 13-15, Cielo hosted their annual Talent Rising Client Summit and Analyst Day. HfS Research, to explore what firms are “doing right in terms of hosting events and establishing customer communities,” attended three events—held by Ultimate Software, HireVue and Cielo. In this report, Cultivating Culture Across the Extended Enterprise, HfS Research recaps and shares insight into Cielo's Client Summit as well as the other two events.

Excerpt from the article landing page:

Analysts get invited to many customer conferences and these events provide insights into companies, both good and bad. Yet these occasions are important contributors to the development of progressive business service delivery, validated by a high weighting in the HfS Blueprint methodology.

Three recent customer events from service providers in the workforce support space exhibited key and compelling components of building, cementing and extending buyer/supplier relationships and commitments to customer success. Indeed, the events and the atmosphere within each of them embodied each company’s “culture,” which more and more buyers of business services are citing as a key factor in the service provider selection process these days.

Read this [editorial] to find out what and how three firms – Ultimate Software, Cielo and HireVue – are doing right in terms of hosting events and establishing customer communities. Whether a buyer or provider of business services, these recommendations can help you decide if your company supports or reflects the values of progressive service delivery and a captivating culture.

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