HealthLeaders Media: Fast-Growing Hospital Jobs

Jill Schwieters, Cielo Executive Vice President, was featured today in an editorial written and published by HealthLeaders Media. The article, Fast-Growing Hospital Jobs, explores the changing healthcare talent landscape. Specifically, “As healthcare continues to transform, the jobs within hospitals and health systems also continue to change. Recruiters who understand these changes are best equipped to compete to hire workers.”

As the article explains, the entire care delivery model will change over the next five years; thus, so will healthcare jobs. The feature segmented these jobs into three distinct categories.

Excerpts from the article:

1. Nurses and Coders 
There are certain kinds of folks you just can't run a hospital without. Nurses are one of them.

The demand is even higher for APRNs, says Jill Schwieters, President of Cielo's healthcare division, an arm of the global talent acquisition and management solutions firm. Nurse practitioners “can function as an extender to physicians,” she says, performing many of the same functions of a physician when there isn't one available.

2. Allied Health Service Jobs 
As the population ages, jobs related to rehabilitation services are expected to grow … Among the fastest growing are occupational therapy assistants and aides, the demand for which is expected to grow 41% over the next decade and has a median salary of $48,940 annually. These jobs typically require only an associate of arts degree followed by certification.

The need for physical therapists and occupational therapists, which require further education, are also anticipated to grow much faster than average in the coming decade.

"We need more rehab specialists and occupational therapists, and as population ages, they will need even more of them. This area shows great return on investment," says Schwieters.

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