HCPro: Hiring Coding and Billing Staff Requires Top Effort

Jill Schwieters, President of Cielo Healthcare, was spotlighted in HCPro’s December 2014 issue of Managed Care Contracting and Reimbursement Advisor (requires paid subscription). The article, “Hiring Coding and Billing Staff Requires Top Effort,” features Jill discussing why the stock of skilled coders will continue to rise – especially as ICE-10 implementation grows closer – and what healthcare providers must do in response as they seek to recruit the very best.

Jill’s full excerpts from the article:  

Skilled coders already are a valuable commodity in the healthcare industry, and their stock will rise as the ICD-10 implementation nears, says Jill Schwieters, President of Cielo Healthcare. “It is important for a practice to know what their culture is: your employer value proposition. Why would a coder who is highly sought after want to work for you? As you start recruiting, you’ll need to really sell the practice and show them why they will want to be a part of what that practice is trying to accomplish.”

Recruiting the best coders will require casting a wide net, Schwieters says. Become familiar with where coders are trained in your area and how they keep in touch. Become a familiar face in those circles by offering your assistance and expressing interest in the field and the individuals.

“You want your practice to be known to them, for your name to be one that is heard in their network often, and that will give you a leg up when you are looking for the best coder out there. Hiring the best doesn’t usually happen when you start cold right when you decide you need to hire someone. Those really desirable coders are going to gravitate toward the practices they already know and respect, so the truth is that you have to start recruiting coders long before you even need one.”