Gulf News: Adding Value to Recruitment

Cielo Sales and Marketing Director for the Middle East & Africa, Jonathan Bennett, penned an article this week for Gulf News, the flagship publication of GN Media and one of the top English language newspaper websites in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In the editorial, Adding Value to Recruitment, Jonathan discusses that, with the UAE’s economy “growing at a healthy pace,” so too are the region’s recruitment needs.

Specifically, in light of gaps between talent demand and talent availability in the UAE, “Companies have achieved operational efficiency and improved the overall quality of hires by investing in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).”

Excerpts from the article:

RPO is an emerging market in the UAE, and as the talent market continues to heat up, forward-thinking organisations have already recognised the benefits and reaped the rewards. In the war for talent, RPO is giving companies a competitive advantage, and in many cases helping them to achieve a reduction in total recruitment costs through better planning, attraction, assessment, hiring, onboarding and retention programmes.

Notably, the ‘outsourcing’ part of ‘recruitment process outsourcing’ is a misnomer, because RPO companies work with their clients much more as partners. As dedicated service providers, RPO companies act as part of the internal HR department of their clients. They can be flexible to meet their clients’ needs and pricing requirements, and eventually they can hand over the processes, technology and knowledge they have developed if the client wants to bring the work back in-house again. RPO companies are not typical staffing agencies. Unfortunately, not all companies understand the huge difference between RPO partnerships and working with contingent staffing agencies.

Immediacy is, and always will be, the name of the game when it comes to staffing agencies — their priority is to fill seats in the shortest time possible. Inevitably, experience, quality of the hire and candidate satisfaction can fall by the wayside. Adopting this ‘immediacy over accuracy’ approach means companies miss out on using their own brand for attraction, something RPO would never allow.

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