Every New Hire Should Drive Up Employee Engagement

Pinstripe & Ochre House CEO, Sue Marks, was featured recently in an article published on The editorial, Every New Hire Should Drive Up Employee Engagement, leads with the premise that organizations seeking top-quality talent already demand competencies, education and professional experience; it’s now vital for recruitment teams to also screen candidates’ engagement levels.

As Sue explains, the key to engagement, innovation and intrapreneurship (the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization) requires “proper pairing of talent with what an organization is at its core.” Additional insight from Sue can be viewed below.

Excerpts from the article:

I spoke with a recruitment expert who knows how to be more effective in the hiring procedure. Her name is Sue Marks and she is Founder and CEO of a talent management company called Pinstripe.

Established in 2005, and now a $100M company, Pinstripe has offices in Milwaukee, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong, and places 100,000 employees per year for over 80 large clients. And Pinstripe didn’t get there by accident. Sue knows what she’s talking about when it comes to effective recruitment.

According to Sue, “Employee engagement starts long before the recruiting process begins.” Prior to initiating recruitment services for any new client, the Pinstripe team first establishes what they call the “employee proposition.” This concept is based on the hiring company’s brand, and it helps guide all recruitment efforts toward that elusive and all-important prize known as fit—i.e. compatibility between the company and the new recruit. “This process immediately focuses our search parameters and begins to attract candidates that are far more attuned to the culture and goals of the organization. A company must magnetize the right people.”

Sue Marks is on a mission to change the way leaders view talent. In her experience, “Everything else can be copied—business models, products, and access to capital are nothing more than table stakes these days.” According to Sue, the key to engagement, intrapreneurship, and innovation is the “proper pairing of talent with what an organization is at its core.” I couldn’t agree more.

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