Forbes: The Challenges of Managing a Multi-generational Workforce

Seb O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe and APAC, was quoted in an article by Karen Higginbottom on Forbes: “The Challenges of Managing a Multi-generational Workforce.” Seb provides insights on overcoming the biggest challenges leaders face as they work to manage the expectations and perceptions of multiple generations.

Excerpts From the Article:

“One of the biggest challenges facing leaders will be managing an employee age profile which in theory could range from 18 to 80, predicts Seb O’Connell, executive vice president and managing director for Europe at Cielo. ‘In a multi-generational workforce, there is potential for negative stereotyping. Older workers may perceive millennials as entitled, tech-obsessed or too eager to challenge norms while millennial employees could see previous generations as being ‘stuck in their ways’ and difficult to train.’”

“‘Organizations need to take steps to ensure managers overcome their unconscious bias,’ he says. O’Connell believes that generational differences can actually present a positive opportunity for development at both ends of the spectrum. ‘Younger workers’ enthusiasm for trying new things could be used to encourage a culture of innovation, while older workers can leverage their experience and broad perspective to help millennials understand some of the costs and risks associated with their ideas.’”

“The concerns and needs of an ageing employee are often much different than that of a millennial fresh out of college, remarks Rajeev Behera, chief executive of real-time performance management platform Reflektive. ‘Stereotypes of each generation aside, ultimately employees want the same thing — to be engaged at work and to have a good manager who acts as a coach and helps them achieve their specific career goals.’”

“In order to effectively manage a multi-generational workforce, we must see each employee as an individual, and empower our managers to coach them on both personal and organizational objectives.”

You can read the full piece at Forbes here: “The Challenges of Managing a Multi-generational Workforce.”