Flexible Boss: Generation Game

Seb O’Connell, Cielo’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director – Europe, recently spoke about diversity with Flexible Boss magazine, and his comments appeared in an article entitled “Generation Game” in their June 2015 issue. This detailed article relies on data from a Deloitte study to broadly describe three generations that exist in the current workforce, as well as strategies and case studies for methods of engaging them. Seb provides tips on how to recruit for the different generations, since recruiting top diverse talent is the first step to retaining and empowering them.

Excerpts from the article:

Generational diversity also has an impact on recruitment. Seb O’Connell, executive vice-president and managing director for Europe with recruitment services company Cielo, says the broad spectrum of his employees means his team has changed the way it engages with recruits of different ages.

“People from a baby boomer or Generation X really want to talk to people,” he explains. “They may search and find jobs, but they will have more of an alignment with dealing with a recruiter and be talked through a role earlier in the process. Millennials are happier to head a bit further along using technology before they actually start talking to someone.”

He agrees that offering flexible workplace practices is key for all age groups and urges firms to change their policies if they want to attract and retain top talent. “People are willing to trade elements of pay to get better flexibility right across the board.”


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