ERE Media: Sue Marks Calls Talentify "Brilliant"

ERE Media Editor in Chief Todd Raphael’s new article, “A Startup You’ve Never Heard of Could Be a ‘Game Changer,’ According to Some Big Names in Talent Acquisition,” highlights the rise of Talentify, a Brazilian startup that is about to relocate to Orlando, Florida. While Talentify has thus far flown under the radar of the talent acquisition industry, Raphael predicts that is about to change.

Among the talent acquisition experts Raphael speaks to is Cielo Founder and CEO Sue Marks, who says Talentify has a “brilliant technical and user experience team.” Raphael also notes that Cielo, the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, has invested in Talentify.

From the article:

“ basically handles the recruiting process for companies, like the Saks Fifth Avenue owner, for example, which is a customer. When the employer has an open job, Talentify finds people digitally, screens them such as via phone or text, ranks applicants with a job-fit score, gets them into the ATS, and schedules interviews with the most qualified people.

I told [Talentify Founder Othamar Gama Filho] this sounded a little like an RPO: someone else helps a company recruit, and then hands them a couple of the best people to make the final decision. He says that’s true, but the fact that the system is so heavily automated makes it cheaper, quicker, and more scalable than humans doing it.”

You can read the full article here.