Dice: 4 Ways to Build a Consistent Company Brand

Andy Curlewis, Cielo's Brand, Digital & Communications Practice Leader, was quoted in a recent article on Dice.com. In “4 Ways to Build a Consistent Company Brand” by Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Andy explains why organizations should adopt the “70/30 rule” to give managers and recruiters a consistent framework, while allowing enough flexibility to personalize their messaging for each candidate.

Excerpts From the Article:

“Seventy percent of your employer branding message should revolve around core attributes that are consistent throughout the organization, advised Andy Curlewis [...]. That gives managers the freedom to explain how their projects, methodologies, tools and roles fit within the framework, and recruiters can be consistent in what they share with candidates.”

“’Most branding communications should be locked down but a portion of the messaging should be personalized toward the candidate and the nature of the work,’ Curlewis said. ‘Candidates won’t perceive that as inconsistent or disingenuous as long as they know what to expect.’”

“Your company is bound to lose great tech candidates unless you achieve brand uniformity across every touch point in the hiring process. Embedding tech recruiters with technical teams gives them an up-close view of the environment.”

“Appointing brand ambassadors within your technical team can provide candidates with a snapshot of daily activities and what your environment is truly like. Depicting examples of intangible assets such as innovation or creativity through case studies, white papers, blogs and employee videos endorses your promises, provides clarity and brings your brand to life."

You can read the full article here: “4 Ways to Build a Consistent Company Brand.”